Weekly Sermons

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Year A Year B Year C
Advent 1 Keeping hope alive
Study: Advent 1 Year A
Waiting for God
Still waiting after all these years – Hope
Worry or hope
Advent 2 Peace through repentance
Study: Advent 2 Year A
Of stumps and stems
Surprised by the Gospel
Victory in the jungle – Peace
Making paths straight
Advent 3 Joy to the world
Study: Advent 3 Year A
Joy in the desert
Witnessing to the Light
The joy of Advent – Joy
The harsh reality of good news
Advent 4 Joseph – the untold story
Study: Advent 4 Year A
The sign of his coming
Suffering Love
The obedience of faith – Love
That’s a promise
Christmas Day The sentinels of God’s promise
The Incarnate God
Waiting time is over
Christ in creation and incarnation
There are no words
Christmas 1 In and out of Egypt
After the glory
Mine eyes have seen the glory
What if?
Jesus in the temple
Christmas 2 Full of grace and truth N/A N/A
Epiphany N/A You want proof? You got it!
The mystery of Christ
Where are they now?
Baptism of Jesus The Baptism of Jesus
The Baptism of Jesus
Jesus’ baptism and ours
Chosen for Baptism
The gift that keeps on giving
Bridging the gap
Epiphany 2 Following the light
Enriched in every way
Come and see
Seeking refuge in God
Hearing the voice of God
Turning water into wine
Epiphany 3 The light of great joy
Is Christ divided
Called to follow
The God of change
Epiphany 4 Encountering the blessed
The foolishness of God
So! Who’s in charge here?
Superior Knowledge
The good life
The truth sometimes hurts
Epiphany 5 Salt and light
The wisdom of God
Eagle’s Wings
Consistence and Flexibility
To fly like an eagle
Calling the ordinary
Epiphany 6 From the heart
A healthy diet
Touched with compassion
Discipline – the glad surrender
Blessed are the cheese makers
Epiphany 7 But I say to you…!
The crisis of worldly wisdom
N/A Forgiving your enemies
Transfiguration The Transfiguration of Jesus
A lamp shining in a dark place
Worshipping upon the mountain
How’s your vision?
Five Practices
Bearing fruit for God
Lent 1 Sin and salvation Jesus and the wilderness
Righteous Suffering
God’s way or the highway
Five Practices
Receiving God’s love
Lent 2 He who has the Son
The righteousness of faith: Getting what you don’t pay for
Bearing the cross of Christ
Hope for the disheartened
What’s in a name?
Five Practices
Loving God in return
Lent 3 Water for thirsty souls
Access accepted
Cleaning out the Temple
The 10 Guidelines?
Five Practices Growing in grace
Lent 4 Believing is seeing
Walking in the light
Gift of light in the darkness
Saved by Grace
Five Practices
Loving and serving others
Lent 5 Dry bones live again
Fleshing it out
The New Covenant
The greatest Lawyer
Restoring the Joy
Five Practices
The grace of giving
Palm Sunday Journey with Jesus
What kind of Messiah?
Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem
Our humble servant – Jesus
Are you ready?
Five Practices
Fruitful living and offering God’s love
Easter Sunday Looking into the tomb
Always been with me
When is an ending not an end
What we believe
The final frontier
The other side of the hedge
Easter 2 Doubting, sceptical discipleship The unexpected guest Believing the unbelievable
Easter 3 The journey to Emmaus Give me your peace The promise of abundance
Easter 4 The life-gate The Good Shepherd
Faith that pleases God
Listening to the Shepherd
Of sheep and shepherds
Easter 5 The martydom of Stephen Abiding in the vine
Let’s talk about love
Moving on
Easter 6 Paul in Athens Love one another
The friendship of Christ
Healing by the pool
Easter 7 Jesus’ high-priestly prayer
Between the times
Jesus’ prayer for us
Jesus prays for his disciples
The Ascension of Christ
Pentecost The Spirit of Hope and Forgiveness
The Spirit of Pentecost
Pentecost and the Spirit
Life for dry bones
God and our expectations
The power of Pentecost
Trinity Sunday Understanding the Trinity
Order out of Chaos
Understanding the Trinity
Trinity in relationship
Pentecost 2 Be who you are
Commonplace Faith
Binding the stong man
Our slight momentary afflictions
This treasure
Freedom and redemption
Pentecost 3 God will provide Mustard Seed Growth
The heart of the matter
Give us a king
Pentecost 4 Welcoming Christ Jesus calms the storm
Hearts wide open
The heart of the matter
Pentecost 5 Take my yoke upon you Health Tips
Enough already?
Facing Giants
Pentecost 6 Hopefully yours
Sower, seed and soil
Going Home
Jesus, healing and wholeness
The Autumn of opportunity
Pentecost 7 Wheat and weeds Remembering John the Baptist
A thorny problem
The prophet and the prostitute
Pentecost 8 The heart of the matter
Of mustard seeds and treasure
Coming Away
Expanding the walls
Every spiritual blessing in Christ
The God who hears
Pentecost 9 Hearts and mouths
You give them something to eat
Where are we to buy bread? The heart of the matter
Pentecost 10 Disobedience and mercy Food for thought
Walking worthy
The awesome power of God
Restore us, O Lord
Pentecost 11 Recognising the Saviour The bread of life
Clothes maketh the man/woman
Pentecost 12 Sincere love To be or not to be
Christ in us
Rules for new life
Broken cisterns
Pentecost 13 Understanding the time
Take up your cross and follow
To whom shall we go?
Watch how you walk
In the hands of the potter
Pentecost 14 It’s not about me Rules! Rules! Rules!
Theology in action
Gratitude for mercy
Pentecost 15 God’s generosity Spiritual Deafness
Faith in action
The voice of my beloved
Pentecost 16 N/A Cross talk and other talk
Taming the tongue
Proverbs for the haves
Pentecost 17 N/A Childlike Greatness
Choice or Consequence
Guarding the truth
Pentecost 18 N/A Pedestals and stumbling blocks
The parable of the wedding banquet
Giving thanks
Pentecost 19 The parable of the wedding banquet God’s tender touch How much more
Pentecost 20 Three dimentional love Going through the eye of a needle
Rest and Redemption
Me, not me
Pentecost 21 The great pretender
Handle with care
A voice from the whirlwinds
The High-Priesthood of Christ
What must I do?
You are righteous, O Lord
Pentecost 22 The Parable of the Ten Bridesmaids
The very Word of God
Having eyes that see
Able to save
Servant of all
Pentecost 23 The Parable of the Talents The most important thing
Perfect Sacrifice
To see or not to see
The trouble with temples
Pentecost 24 Children of the light The widow’s might
There’s a change coming
From famine to harvest
Pentecost 25 N/A Hangin’ in there
Sacrifice and redemption
Pentecost 26 N/A Hannah’s Prayers N/A
Christ the King Living in the Kingdom N/A