The Funeral Service

The Christian recognition of death ia a part of the church’s offering of the whole life of God. The funeral service is first a time to worship God, celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ which witnesses to the faithfulness of God in life and death. Second, it is to give thanks for a specific person’s life and mourn for that person’s passing.

The funeral service witnesses to the fact that death is a reality and a basic part of our common humanity that all people must face. However, as each human life is of individual worth to God, each funeral is a unique occasion.

If you have lost a loved one and wish to organize a funeral service, please first contact your funeral director of choice. The funeral director will speak with the family and determine their wishes in regard to the type of funeral service required. The funeral director will then contact the preferred minister and confirm the date and time for the funeral service. The minister will then contact the family and organize a time to get together to work out the details of the funeral service.

Grace and peace.